On February 22, 1983, a joint meeting of the Ephrata and Gehmans school boards was held to discuss the growing interest among potential patrons in northern Lancaster County for a Mennonite high school in the area.  Later, there were meetings which included the ministers of related churches in the area.  A survey was taken during the summer of 1983 and the results indicated strong support for a high school in the area. 


In June 1984, a study committee was appointed to further evaluate possibilities.  September 29, 1984, the Union Grove School on the outskirts of Terre Hill was offered for sale at public auction.  The school was purchased by a group of interested people.  Later that year a school board was formed.  Plans were made to begin school in the fall of 1985 with grades nine through eleven and to add twelfth grade in 1986.


September 3, 1985, Terre Hill Mennonite High School opened its doors to thirty-one students.  The years that followed brought an upward trend in enrollment and expansion of curriculum.


The facilities, built in 1960, are located on approximately eight acres of land. They included six classrooms, offices, a library, health room, home economics room, industrial arts room, and assembly room.  A new all-purpose room was added in 1987 and other building renovations were done.  In the summer of 1989, new classrooms were added and an addition was made to the science room in the summer of 1990. During the 1996-97 school year a new industrial arts building was added to the school.  In the summer of 2004 a new front entrance was built and outside walkways were enclosed into hallways. New restrooms were added next to the gym. The home economics room was relocated and upgraded, and a new classroom and administrative office were added.


The blessing of the Lord has been evident throughout the growth process at THMH.  We continue to depend on the direction of the Lord and the faithful support of our churches and community.

Core Values

1. We believe that a Christian education should be Christ-centered, biblically based, and teach the preeminence and relevance of Jesus Christ and the application of the Word of God in all of life.


2. We believe that the school should assist and strengthen the Christian home and church by cultivating respect for authorities and preparing students for faithful Christian service in the Kingdom of God.


3. We believe that the school should promote the development of a strong Christian character while assisting the student in the development of proficiency in academic disciplines, understanding, accepting, and using his capabilities with unselfish and constructive occupational goals.


4. We believe that the teacher should model Christ-like character and love for all people while demonstrating a love for learning and directing the learning experiences of students through competency in teaching and a sufficient knowledge of the subjects taught.


Mission Statement

Terre Hill Mennonite High School provides a quality Christian education from an Anabaptist perspective that  promotes spiritual growth in students.  

Academic Objectives

  • To help students develop an awareness of the relevance of God in all subject matter.


  • To develop good use of basic skills in communication with others.


  • To develop an understanding of man and our heritage.


  • To help the student develop a cultural and historical awareness of the world and the country in which we live.


  • To understand, accept, and use his/her own capabilities with unselfish and constructive goals.


  • To develop understandings and concepts needed in choosing an occupation, and to develop the skills needed in that occupation.


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