Admissions Policy

The goal of THMH is to provide competent academic and religious training for students who are serious about their education.


Students seeking admission to THMH must meet the following requirements: 



1.  The student and at least one parent or guardian must be a disciple of Christ and maintain an active role in their home church.  Other cases will be dealt with on an individual basis subject to board approval.


2.  Students and parents are expected to be in harmony with the purpose and statement of faith as held by THMH.


3.  Students and parents are expected to support the policy of THMH on "Student Conduct and Regulations" as stated in the handbook.


4.  Students must have passing scores at their previous school in major academic subjects and have a personal desire to attend school.


5. Other admission considerations:

     a)   Favorable pastoral and previous school recommendations.

       b)  Completion of all forms in application packet.


 6.  Enrollment procedure: Applications for enrollment will be received on a first-come-first-served basis through March 15 of each year.  In the event  applications exceed specified class size, the following steps will serve as a  guide to determine enrollment priority.

       a)  Students of present patrons, staff members and those residing in northeastern Lancaster County and townships bordering northern Lancaster County.

      b)  Students residing in Penn township and west, south of Warwick, West Earl, Earl and East Earl township and southern Salisbury townships.

      c)  Applications received after March 15.


 Terre Hill Mennonite High School admits students of all races, color, sex, nationality or ethnic origin to privileges, programs and activities.



Television Policy

We believe television has become one of Satan's most powerful weapons and one of the greatest hindrances in a Christian's life.  It has caused many to adapt to their character and behavior of sinful society (Romans 12:2).  We believe the atmosphere within the home has a direct effect on the atmosphere and attitude found within the school.


We believe it is God's desire that Terre Hill Mennonite High School be free from the influence of television.   To accomplish this we will not admit students with television in their homes.  The staff and board members shall also comply with this policy (Psalm 101:3).

Enrollment Application

If you have questions about enrollment or would like to request an enrollment application, please click here.


Tuition is set by the school board each school term and is payable  in  four  quarterly  payments  or  by ten monthly payments starting September 1.  If a patron needs other tuition payment arrangements, they are to be made with the treasurer.


All tuition must be paid in full at the end of each school year, unless other arrangements are made with the school board.


In any Christian education program, the tuition alone is not sufficient to meet all financial needs.  The school then needs to depend on gifts and donations from parents, friends, and interested people.  All gifts and donations are tax deductible and should be sent to Terre Hill Mennonite High School, 1416 Union Grove Road, Terre Hill, PA  17581.


To request current tuition rates, please contact the office.


There are scholarship funds available for qualifying patrons through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) administered through FB Scholarship Services.  The application deadline for this scholarship is July 1. If you would like to know more about this scholarship or would like to apply, please contact the office or go to the FB Scholarship webpage.


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