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Core Values

1.  Christ-Centered Growth

We believe that a Christian education should be Christ-centered, biblically based, and teach the preeminence and relevance of Jesus Christ and the application of the Word of God in all of life. 
2. Community and Service

We believe that the school should assist and strengthen the Christian home and church by cultivating respect for authorities and preparing students for faithful Christian service in the Kingdom of God. 
3. Character and Excellence

We believe that the school should promote the development of a strong Christian character while assisting the student in the development of proficiency in academic disciplines, understanding, accepting, and using his capabilities with unselfish and constructive occupational goals. 
4. Model Teachers

We believe that the teacher should model Christ-like character and love for all people while demonstrating a love for learning and directing the learning experiences of students through competency in teaching and a sufficient knowledge of the subjects taught. 

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